Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Well almost a week

It is almost 2 weeks from my last post. I have alot to say but not enough done. The pendents while tedious and time consuming are finished much quicker then doll cloths allowing me to have more done at the end of a week.
  This is all I had done at the the end of the first week.
     For the rest of that week and this week I have dragged my feet and got even less done. I am not sure why I drag my feet and put off sewing. I love sewing, I like sitting down with nothing more then some thread and material  and a few hrs or a day later you end up with a wardrobe or kitchen or even a living room fully decorated and ready to use.
     All I can figure is that it is the patterns(and if you have been following my blogging you know I avoid patterns) and learning how to read them is making me slow down and get  it right.
  I am a person that if you want me to turn right you need to point right or touch my right hand or say as I start to go the wrong way  your other right, turning left is turn to your wedding band hand. That means I read and reread patterns many many times before I can actually use them and get them right.
  Some thing that reads like this...."FOR SLEEVE D - press under 1/4"(6mm) on unnotched edge of sleeve band. Stitch right side of band to WRONG side of sleeve at lower edge.".....Can cause me hrs of reading and rereading and hot flashes because I feel so stupid that I don't understand,,,and then all of a sudden I get it.I know just what I am suppose to do.
 So now almost 2 weeks later I have learned a whole lot,and understand I have a whole lot more to learn.
   In the above picture you see all I got done since my last post. Well I was feeling cocky and sure of my self as each piece got done then I came across and started the purple dress with sleeves. I got it done and it is pictured ,,but I feel cocky no more.

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