Monday, May 7, 2012

My First attemp

Most women my age have made more then their fair share of doll clothes. Most women can claim they did that while they were still kids. Not me, as my cousin reminded me after reading my first blog about sewing, I use to frustrate my grandma so much because I couldn't even master the art of knotting the thread on my needle. As we laughed on line about it my cousin and I, I think just how right she is I was horrible at sewing back then.

 So I can't help beam with pride when I say look at what I can do.

This is the first time I have ever attempted doll cloths,I never really needed to as a girl, Grandma pretty much gave up on me and made all my doll cloths,well not all of them my Mom knitted so many of my best Barbie dresses. I had a son so even after I began to master the art of sewing there was no need to make doll cloths.
  I can't believe how satisfying it was to dress my childhood doll in cloths that not only had I made but also looked good inside and out. My mind runs rampant with all the outfits I want to make.

                Doll cloths easy and fun to make.
                             Who Knew????

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