Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Birthday Gifts were a Hit

The whole time I was making my gifts for Madeline I wanted to post blogs about it and ask questions. I have no idea who reads my blogs so I kept my questions to myself and resisted posting so I could keep my gifts a surprise.
 As I made the dress for Madeline I had so many questions. Reading a pattern is not easy and I swear confusing on purpose. I muddled through painstakingly ripping out stitches and redoing each mistake as they happened.The final out come was well worth the effort. The tangle flag banner ended up being easier then I originally thought once I found out about fabric glue. Lucky for me all the doll cloths had been made months before. I had every thing done and ready to go 1 day before Madeline's Birthday celebration. 
  Wrapping the stuff was almost as much of a challenge as making them. I found a wooden wine box that was long enough and deep enough to hold the cloths, doll, and the banner. It worked out real well.
Opening the box

The box is opened
 Sorry about all the blurry pictures to come. I had a lousy night with the camera. No matter what I did the pictures were not good. Good thing this isn't a blog about photography  
  There was so many presents and packages it was hard for her to focus on any one thing for longer then a minute. Even still I got a warm and fuzzy feeling as she gushed over all the goodies in the box.

 My biggest thrill was when she picked up the dress I made for her and realizes that it is her size. As loud as can be you hear her say " Hey this is a my size dress" I was so tickled.

 The best pictures I got of the flag banner is the 2 above with the banner on the floor at her feet. Shortly after this picture was taken Madeline bent down picked up the banner and went running through the house with it flying behind her until it landed in the play area on her castle.

The dress fit and looked so cute on her. I am pleased with the way it turned out. My first attempt at making cloths was successful and fulfilling. I think I will try it again.