Monday, April 30, 2012

Done in a day,Pendent banner

                                                Here is an easy and fairly quick idea.
  This idea would be great for decorating a child's room, as a baby shower or birthday gift, or even to decorate for a birthday party or shower. there is so much you can do with this idea.
    Here is what you will need......
 1/2 yard printed material ( a stiff cotton works very well)
 1/2 yard matching solid material
 1 package wide single fold bias tape 3 yrds

 matching thread
 1  8in triangle template

 Of the print material I got 3/4 of a yard to make sure I had enough,I did,more then enough.
  Trace 13 triangles onto both the print and solid pieces of material and cut them out. You should have 26 triangles total.
  With right side together pin 1 print triangle to 1 solid triangle leaving the top edge open. Sew together with a 1/8 inch seam allowance.
     Remove the pins and clip the sides and point.

         Turn right side out and press flat.

         Starting 4 1/2 inches in on the bias tape lay open raw edge of triangles onto tape alternating print and solid,fold bias tape over top of materials and pin (tip lots of pins helps keep everything in place).
       With a wide zig zag stitch sew from end to end of bias tape,making sure to catch up all the material front and back as you sew.  Back stitch to lock in your stitches.                                                                        Trim your lose threads and you are done !


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